Thursday, May 21, 2015

Biggest task accomplished, and the most interesting thing

My biggest accomplishment is i have been able to create a survey and post it on my page so that the viewers can show their opinion on the shoes.
Depending where and what type of shoes you are trying to buy if you buy the shoe at a retailers then you can get the retail price but so stores that have Jordan's year round they sell Jordan's for higher that the retail price.
 this site sells Jordan as they release but it is pretty hard to get them and they are sold for retail price. < this is the site
this is a website that sells jordans year round but they sell them higher than retail price < this is the site

Monday, April 20, 2015

Future Plans for the Blog

  • There will be a class survey to show how many people  like Jordan's and people picking their favorite Jordan shoe if they like them. 
  • There will be a link to a website that has a picture of some of the color ways of the shoe that you like most. comment a picture of the favorite shoe.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jordan retro shoes

  • This passion project focuses on the game of basketball in general.Also this will show people what type of product Michael Jordan has left behind for the public. These shoes cover both the fashion and performance on and off the court.  
  • The guided question that i has is would you rather have a pair of another basketball shoe or would you rather any pair of retro Jordan. 
  • This topic is a very easy one to learn about, Jordan has 23 pairs of retro Jordan out of all of those there are some great shoes that sell quick or there are some that dint  even sell when they first came out. 
  • This is a topic that lots of people know well about and a lot of people don't know about it ether. i would like to educate the people that would listen and i would like to persuade the people that don't care for shoes to start caring and recognize that they are a great thing to be a part of.